Distributed Key Management Framework in Vehicular Adhoc Networks

Authors : Dr. Nalini N, Chandrika C. N


The purpose of this work is to study how to provide security in vehicular adhoc networks using distributed key management framework which is based on group signature to provision privacy . Distributed key management is expected to facilitate the revocation of malicious vehicles, maintenance of the system, and heterogeneous security policies, compared with the centralized key management assumed by the existing group signature schemes. In this framework, each road side unit (RSU) acts as the key distributor for the group, where a new issue incurred is that the semi-trust RSUs may be compromised. Thus, the security protocols are developed for the scheme which is able to detect compromised RSUs and their colluding malicious vehicles. The distributed key management framework also addresses the issue of large computation overhead due to the group signature implementation. A practical cooperative message authentication protocol is thus proposed to alleviate the verification burden, where each vehicle just needs to verify a small amount of messages.