Simulation of Heat Transfer due to Laminar Natural Convection in Non-Rectangular Enclosures

Authors : Satish G, Dileep Kumar S.C, Nuthan Prasad B.S, Majumdar Sekhar


Numerical prediction of flow and heat transfer due to laminar natural convection in any two dimensional non-rectangular enclosures is the major focus of the present work. The computation uses a finite volume method to solve the coupled mass, momentum and energy conservation equations in curvilinear non-orthogonal coordinates. The prediction is validated against other computation results for trapezoidal and triangular enclosures under different boundary conditions as well as against LDV measurement data for the velocity field in a triangular enclosure with different temperatures specified at the three walls of the enclosure.

Keywords : Laminar Natural Convection, Non-Rectangular Enclosures, Finite Volume Method, Navier Stokes solver