Real-time Traffic-flow Cognizance for Smart Transit

Authors : V. Parthasarathya , B S ArunaPrabha , Vasudha Hegdec, Shriram H S


The modern day transit systems are predominantly road-based and face continual traffic management quandaries. Effective traffic reporting and commuter awareness will aid efficient traffic flow. This is achieved by an automated system that generates real-time comprehensive reports on traffic density, which commuters can access easily. Though the proposed work requires higher initial investment compare to the conventional techniques, the sensitivity and reliability are far better than the existing systems. The complete system was tested for real time working conditions at NMIT campus and found to be working in an effective manner. The present work can be expanded or modified according to the local needs. The sensor used in this work is time independent system and hence the possibility of failure is very remote. All the simulation works related to this work done for the well defied local data but still the modification of the data is allowable under the sensitive and non linear conditions.

Keywords : Traffic Flow, Congestion, Real-time Reporting, Sensor Grid, Intelligent Transport System, Cost of Transport