Factors which are affecting the viability of non-major airports in India

Authors : Nalla Ramakrishna, Dr. Manjunath V S


Airports are considered as economic, social and physical infrastructure development catalysts, air connectivity can provide required drive to the economic growth by the investments, tourism, infrastructure in the airport located cities, in that some non-major airports some are running out of operating costs which is less than what AAI has spent on their maintenance and some are non-profitable as a result there is question of viability and its maintenance. Today, Government of India, Aviation Industry stake holders & AAI are worried for viability of such airports. AAI cannot close this type of airports and operating & managing them due to socio-economic and some other factors. As discussed, there is scope, importance & requirement of viable studies for non-major airports, so this study is concentrating on the non-technical factors which are directly or indirectly affecting the viability of nonmajor airports in India which are ranging from passenger characteristics to climate condition.

Keywords : Non-major airports, operating expenses, viability, operating costs