A Study on Flexural Behavior of Pre-tensioned Pre-stressed Fiber Concrete Rectangular Beams with Fly as

Authors : H. R. Dhananjayaa, T. R. Madhavan


This paper presents the flexural behavior of rectangular pre-tensioned pre-stressed fiber concrete with fly ash. In the literature it is found that 20 percent cement could be replaced by fly ash without affecting the flexural strength of pre-tensioned pre-stressed concrete beams. In this paper keeping 20 percent cement replacement by fly ash constant, and varying fiber contents from zero to 25 percent in the increments of 5 percent by weight of cement, a series of pre-tensioned pre-stressed concrete rectangular beams were cast and tested under uniformly increasing static load applied at 1/3′d points. Central deflections, crack loads, and ultimate loads and failure patterns are studied.. It is found that there is increased load carrying capacity of the beam, when steel fibers of 15 percent by weight of cement are added to the concrete and its ductile behavior is also improved compared all other beams tested.

Keywords : Pre-tensioned pre-stressed concrete, fly ash, steel fibers, crack and failure loads.