Mechanical Properties of Al-5%wt Cu Centrifugal Casting

Authors : Madhusudhan


Aluminium Al-5%wt Cu is one among the strongest aluminium alloys and is a functionally graded material which has applications in the field of Aerospace and Automotive Industries. An intensive study of this Cast Aluminium family has been found in many literatures for enhancing the grain refinement and hence increasing the mechanical properties of aluminium alloys. The main objective of this work is to study the properties of Al-5%wt Cu produced by Horizontal Centrifugal Casting process at different rotating speeds of the moulds such as 400rpm 600rpm and 800 rpm with fixed pouring temperature of 850°C. The results have shown that the tensile strength and hardness are increased with the increase in rotary speed of the mold. Also, the microstructure of the sample had very fine grains and enhanced mechanical properties at higher rotational speeds of the mould.

Keywords : Al-Cu alloy, centrifugal casting, rotational speed, Grain size, Microstructure