Analysis of Equity FDI Inflows and its impact on the growth of Indian Telecommunication sector

Authors : Dr. S. Harish Babu , Ms. Arpitha M.P


The Indian telecom sector has accelerated to a greater extent and has turned out to be the second largest cell phone network in the world. In consideration with current developments in the field, India has become the world’s most aggressive and best ever growing telecom markets. India is a developing country and The information and communication technology has played a key role in the economic and social development of India. Telecom has unfolded as a key infrastructure for the expansion of ICT in the country.

This paper focuses on the evolution of the telecom industry, the growth accelerators along with the special reforms taken place to make this sector more lucrative and also the underlying factors which can leverage the FDI inflows further

Key Words : Foreign Direct Investment, Indian Telecommunication sector, Economic growth, Private investments.