A Conceptual Study on Competency Mapping and its importance in creating a Knowledge Based Organization

Authors : Dr. A. Kumudhaa, Senthilkumar


The performance of companies depends mostly on the quality of their human resource. For obvious economic and business reasons, organizations have always been concerned about the competence of its people. Many organizations in India are working on knowledge management; yet there are smaller manufacturing units which are burdened with performance problems of employees and they are unable to focus on knowledge driven approaches. The paper presents a knowledge based development (KBD) conceptual model for organizations at inter-organizational level by using competency management. This paper seeks to delve deeper into the concept of competency, tracing its history and its role in the present context. It explains how the concept has constantly evolved over the years, its applications in human resource management, and development in the present scenario. It also aims on designing a model for assistance to the sample organizations in maintaining knowledge based focus for the various HR areas. Knowledge based development was observed on applying the model.

Keywords : Knowledge management, Knowledge based management, Competency, Competency mapping