Characteristic Conscious Partial Data Aggregation Using Dynamic Routing In WSN

Authors : Prathibhavani P M , Sandeep Bhandarib, Karthik C, Roshan S and Thilak N


Wireless sensor networks consist of sensor nodes with sensing and communication capabilities to different parameters to support a wide range of applications such as monitoring temperature, humidity, level speed etc…We focus on data aggregation problems in energy constrained sensor networks. The main goal of data aggregation algorithms is to gather and aggregate data in an energy efficient manner so that network lifetime is enhanced. To make data aggregation more efficient packets with same attributes should be gathered together. In this paper we are introducing the biologically inspired pheromone based protocol called as Characteristic Conscious Partial Data Aggregation(CCPDA) using dynamic routing , introduces packet attribute into data aggregation and tries to make packets with same attributes convergent as much as possible and therefore improves efficiency. The results of simulations in series of scenarios show that CCPDA indeed conserve energy by reducing the average number of transmissions each packet needs to reach the sink and is scalable with regard to the network size by comparing with non aggregation technique.

Keywords : Dynamic Routing, Partial data aggregation, CCPDA, Non aggregation, WSN’s, AOD V