Performance comparison of Multi – threaded transactional application over Single-threaded application

Authors : Vijaya Shetty S. , Dr. Sarojadcvi H., Harsha Santhosh B.


Performance analysis of applications helps identify where and how our application can benefit from available hardware resources. Significant use of transactional applications in enterprises has increased the need for systematic performance analysis of such applications. We designed and implemented an ATM multi-threaded transactional application using VB.Net; measured and compared its performance metrics with the performance metrics of its single-threaded counterpart using Intel VTune Amplifier XE 2011. For this multi-threaded application, elapsed time is reduced by 28.625%; overhead time is reduced by 49.016% and overall CPU Time is reduced by 77.725%. Multi­threaded application is found to be performing better than single-threaded application in a quad-core AMD system with 4GB RAM.

Keywords : Performance, Hotspots, Locks and Waits, Multithreading, Concurrency