The Contemporary Issues & Challenges faced by Nurse practitioner workforce in health care sector with special reference to Bangalore City

Authors : Dr. Senthil Velumurugan , Malini T N


Health care sector is one of the prominent and booming sectors in India. The contributions from Indian medical and paramedical professional in the health care sector are needs to be appreciated. More number of private player’s entry and their endeavour has contributed for building brand image in health care industry. With the growing number of private establishment has given a threatening call for the public health care sectors & it gives scope for have an improved quality services to withstand the competition. Medical industry has given a more employment opportunities for 4 million people directly & indirectly. The role of health care workers in the quality improvement is challenging task. As the hospitals face increasing demand to participate in wide range of quality improvement activities, the role & influence of nurses in these efforts is also increasing. The nurses are one set of people who impacts on the quality of care provided and, ultimately, treatment and patient outcomes. Raising demand for the
Indian medical & paramedical professional all over the world has created a workforce shortage in India. This paper mainly concentrate on the prime issues and different challenges faced by the nursing professionals with reference to Bangalore city.

Keywords : Challenges, Hospital management, Nursing practitioners.