Comparative performance analysis of AntHocNet and DSR in optimal path route determination

Authors : T. R. Gopalakrishnan Naira, Kavitha Soodab , Kavya B. Sc, Sushma Md


One of the key challenges in current Internet routing is the application of improved bio-inspired algorithms in deriving the path towards the destination. Current routing trends determine the optimal path based on throughput, delay or combination of these two metric. Here in this paper, we compare the performance of the two algorithms, AntHocNet (AHN) and Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) for determining the routing path. We introduce the goodput factor as one of the metric for determining the path. Goodput is the number of useful information bits, delivered by the network to a certain destination per unit time .The results show that AHN outperformed DSR in terms of end-to-end delay and overhead. Also the simulation results showed that overhead of AHN was 20.67% lesser than DSR.

Keywords : MANET, Ad-Hoc network, AntHocNet, Dynamic Source Routing, Goodput