Pulsatile Flow of Magnetically Conducting Visco-elastic Fluid between Eccentric Cylindrical Tubes

Authors: Rashmi K R, Indira Ramarao


The pulsatile flow of magnetically active visco-elastic fluid flowing in an eccentric annulus is considered. Pressure gradient is assumed as pulsatile given by
The resulting equations are solved by converting to complex variables and using a conformal mapping to convert the eccentric annulus to a concentric annulus and an
analytical solution is obtained. The results are computed numerically and represented graphically. Pressure and rate of flow exhibits same pattern in absence of magnetic field and visco-elasticity but becomes pulsatile for higher value of Hartmann number. As eccentricity increases the pressure decreases. Increase in visco-elastic parameter results in increasing the pulsatile nature of the rate of flow.

Keywords: pulsatile flow, visco-elastic fluid, eccentric annulus, conformal mapping, Doubly-connected region.