HuLiTe sensor monitoring IoT (Internet of Things) Dashboard using Cloud Services

Authors: Rachana Kulkarni, Preetham N, Poojitha.V. D, Shruti Radhakrishnan, Pooja M.G


The Internet of Things is one of the upcoming technologies of the internet and it can be defined as a dynamic system with self configuring capabilities which based on standard and also many inter-operable communication protocols where physical and virtual “things” have identities, attributes, and virtual personalities and use intelligent interfaces that are seamlessly integrated into the information network.

The main aim of this paper is to build a “The HuLiTe Sensor module” an independent model, built to determine the surrounding environment factors and sends the sensed data to an online cloud server. Here “HuLiTe” stands for Humidity, Light Intensity and Temperature. The cloud server gives a provision to create a “thing” using TAAS (Thing as a Service) service, which stores the collected data. This “thing” (i.e. this packet) is then sent to an online cloud interface which provides a graphical representation of the data. The aim of this paper provides a new approach to the availability of the sensed data using cloud services which can be globally accessible because of the cloud technologies.

Keywords : HuLiTe;Cloud server;”thing”;Cloud Interface; IoT