Electrical Power Generation using a Speed Breaker

Authors: Mr.Vinayaka N , Dr. P. B. Shetty , Mr. Pavan Kumar AV


In a developing country like India, The struggle to get power is maximum, here is an attempt to generate the power in normal one way road by design based power generation similar to a speed breaker concept. The mechanism is very simple, a constrained inclined plate is used instead of a road hump which can create a to and fro motion if the spring is attached to it. The to and fro motion is converted into the kinetic energy of the flywheel by using a set of mechanical elements and hence electrical power can be generated using that rotary energy. The power generated is considerably large as compared to other small scale renewable energy resources per square area and hence can be successfully implemented in day to day life to generate power. From this the scarcity of the power to lit up can be reduced.

Keywords : Power generation, Fixture, Speed breaker, Chain, Sprocket,Uni-Directional Ball Bearing and