Performance Distributed Generation System in Utility Interconnected and Islanding Modes of Operation

Author : Sanjeev K Nayak


Distributed generation (DG) has drawn a great attention in distribution network due to reduction in transmission loss, load sharing property and improving the power quality. Among the different source of DG, the microturbine generation (MTG) system has a good record of improving the system stability, reliability and power quality. This paper presents modeling and performance analysis of MTG system in grid connected and islanding modes of operation. The model developed in this work includes the individual components of prime mover like, compressor, heat exchanger, burner and turbine. The model of MTG system consists of microturbine, permanent magnet synchronous machine (PMSM) and power electronics interfacing circuit for generation and conversation from AC/DC/AC respectively. The MTG system uses a DC link voltage to control the microturbine output power by fuel and air flow control methodology. The DC link power is delivered to the load through a voltage source inverter (VSI) with pulse width modulation (PWM) technique. The model of MTG system has been implemented using Matlab/Simulink environment and its simulation result shows the load following performance of MTG system for various loads.

Keywords : Distributed generation; Microturbine; Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine; Power Interfacing Circuit.