Automatic Rain Operated Wiper

Authors: Adith Sagar Narayan, Archith V., Ashik R, Goutham N.


Over the past two decades, the automotive industry has aggressively researched ways to exploit modern computing and electronic advances in the development of safety, reliability and entertainment technologies for vehicles. With drivers exposed to an ever increasing number of distractions, automatic rain-sensing wiper system becomes an even more appealing feature, as they work to minimize the time the driver must take his/her hands off the wheel. Most traditional systems offer intermittent as well as variable speed operation.

Four bar mechanism acts as an important element for the wiper to oscillate. Aluminium is used for making four bar mechanism in our project. Transmission angle is calculated by using the lengths of the four bar mechanism. Four bar mechanism is a best example for constrained linkages. A variety of useful mechanisms can be formed from a four-link mechanism through slight variations.

The traditional wiper system however requires driver constant attention in adjusting the wiper speed. Traditional wind shield wiper speed constantly varies according to time and vehicle’s speed because the manual adjustment of the wiper distracts driver’s attention, which may be a direct cause of accidents. This system of activates the wiper to operate in fully automatic mode and detect moisture using this technology.

Keywords : Four bar mechanism, wiper system, automatic rain-sensing