Kirchhoff Theory based new Four-node Quadrilateral Plate Bending Element Using Integrated Force Method

Authors : H. R. Dhananjaya , J. Nagabhushanam and P. C. Pandey


In this paper, Kirchhoff theory based new four-node quadrilateral plate bending element(KQP4) has been proposed for the analysis of thin plate bending problems using Integrated Force Method. Integrated Force Method (IFM) is a new novel matrix formulation developed for the analysis of civil, mechanical and aerospace engineering structures. The performance of this new proposed element (KQP4) is studied for accuracy and convergence by analyzing many standard benchmark plate bending problems. Results of the proposed element (KQP4) are compared with those of the similar displacement-based quadrilateral plate bending elements available in the literature. The results are also compared with the exact solutions. This new element KQP4 performs satisfactorily in thin plate bending situations. This element is free from spurious / zero energy modes.

Keywords : Kirchhoff plate theory; Integrated Force Method; plate bending element; spurious energy modes, equilibrium matrix; flexibility matrix.