Web – Based Geovisualization of In – situ Weather Data

Authors: Dr. S. Harish Babu, Manikee Madhuri Sharma

Abstract :

GIS is primarily a computer assisted input output system for the acquisition, storage, analysis and display of geographic data. The ability of GIS to analyze and visualize spatial and non spatial data in the form of maps made it an essential tool to facilitate decision making in many natural resources applications. The synergy of GIS with Remote Sensing, GPS and Information and Communication Technology make it possible to provide new levels of accessibility and functionality, which can be effectively used to strengthen the decision making process. WebGIS is the most robust and efficient Internet technology with GIS functionalities to provide a wide range of internet-based geospatial applications. It is very useful and effective way of disseminating spatial information to the user community, especially the dynamic data like weather parameters for various applications. The day-to changes in weather has direct impact on the human society since most of the activities are directly affected by weather. Hence, accurate and reliable weather data is very crucial for socioeconomic development. Geovisualization is a set of tools and techniques supporting geospatial data analysis through the use of interactive visualization techniques. The goal of geo-visualization is to produce scientific insights by facilitating the identification of patterns, relationships, and anomalies in data. Animation of maps while visualization would reveal even subtle space-time patterns, which is not possible in static representations. An attempt has been made to develop Web based Geo-visualization for in-situ weather data using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). Satellite linked automated weather station data pertaining to the State of Karnataka are used to create Geospatial weather maps using Geo-statistical interpolation techniques in a WebGIS environment. The in-situ weather maps are animated to support analysis and decision making process, which are useful for visualizing the change pattern of weather parameters.

Keywords : Automated Weather Stations, Geovisualization, Map Animation, Open Source, WebGIS and Weather Map.