A Study on Assessment of Students Satisfaction in NBA-accredited Engineering Colleges in Bangalore

Authors : Dr PV Raveendra , Anitha GH


Institutes offering engineering educations are increasing at a very fast rate to meet the ever increasing global demand for engineering graduates. A significant raise in the enrolment level of engineering institute is seen since the year 2006. The AICTE report (2013) on the growth of students’ intake stresses on over three times increase in the last seven years. It is a matter of greatest concern for all stakeholders whether education provided by these engineering institutes is of a quality that is acceptable to the industry and whether the graduate engineers have acquired the necessity skill set to be employable in the job market. There are reports of graduate engineers struggling for the employment in the global workforce market. Hence there is an urgent need for addressing the issue of quality in higher education.

The NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies) in its perspective 2020 report (2008) stressed on the four major challenges such as employability, infrastructure, favorable policies, and competition from other low cost countries. “There is a strong correlation between a country’s competitiveness and quality of higher education provided within the country” says Borahan and Ziarati (2002).