Exploring the Dimensions of Learned Helplessness among Higher Education Faculty : An Empirical Study

Authors : Dr. S. John Manohar , Ms. Shilpa Kumari


In the era of globalization, organization has been constantly striving to empower their employees to reach their maximum potentials. In doing so, awareness is being created among employees to realize that there is a link between their efforts and subsequent performance. This paper, attempts to explore the different dimensions of learned helplessness attributions for Higher education faculty members with particular reference to management faculty. Various strategies to manage learned helplessness among faculty have been suggested based on the results. The study revealed that: 1). the interactions among attributions results in causing stress, burnout and depression among employees which further results in learned helplessness. 2). all learned helplessness attributions were closely related and created a well-defined dimension for representing learned helpless attributions

Keywords: Learned helplessness, attributions, stress, burnout, depression. owe