Performance Analysis of Multi-User Mimo Systems

Authors : Rukmini T S, Shreedhar A Joshi, Mahesh H M


MIMO techniques are essential for increasing capacity in the high SNR regime. They are producing higher degree of spatial freedom. The single user MIMO system gives a point to point high data rate transmission supported by spatial multiplexing providing a spatial diversity gain. However most a communication system deals with multiple users who are sharing the same radio sources. The signal detection in Multi user system is not straight forward, thus interference cancellation at Base station (BS) is required. This paper considers two different methods for signal detection in Multi-user system. These methods are Channel inversion method and Block diagonalization method. These methods are simulated in Mat lab.

Keywords : Broad cast channel (BC), Multiple Access Channel (MAC), Base station (BS), Zero Forcing (ZF), Block Diagonalization (BD)