Trifluoro – Quinoline – Esters : An Efficient One Pot Synthesis, DNA Binding and Photonuclease Studies

Authors : T. Aravinda , H. S. Bhojya Naik , Srilatha Rao , M. S. Raghu


We deliver chemistry of multicomponent reaction (MCR) for 2-Benzy1-5-(2-benzyloxycarbonylamino-3-Phenyl­propylamino)-4-(2-chloro-quinoline-3y1)-5-(2,2,2-trifluoro acetoxy)-pentanoic acid methyl ester (6a-g) by flexible Ugi multi-component approach, through commercially available amino acid, aldehydes, isocyanides and amino acid ester in one pot. Further, the binding activity with CT DNA and nucleus property with pUC 19 DNA were studied by absorption spectra (Kb constant is= 4.2 x 10-4 M-1). The DNA binding results explored that the new molecule bind to DNA through interaction and also an efficient nucleus agent.

Keywords: Multicomponent synthesis, Ugi reaction, Quinolines, DNA Binding, Photonuclease activity.