In-Plant Training at BSNL: Employees’ perspectives

Author: Anjali Ganesh


Training is significant for managing organizational complexity that occurs because of the increased mechanization, automation and dealing in services of diversified lines of products and services. The primary purpose of In-Plant Training is to provide expertise in technical and managerial areas to employees of the organization. Since the importance of training is tremendous, it is interesting to know the employees’ views towards in-plant training at BSNL, number one telecommunication company in the public sector, located in Mangalore. The important finding states that trainees were able to implement the training inputs in to practice which is an indication that the In-Plant training at BSNL was effective. Training conducted in BSNL enables the people to get ready for the higher level responsibilities and challenges. Training cannot be divorced from the practicalities of Telecom business in particular and any business in general. Training should be recognized as a fructuous activity which ultimately leads to the growth of BSNL and the people in it.

Key words : In-Plant Training, telecommunication, responsibilities, challenges, organizational complexity