CFD for Design and Analysis of Engineering Systems Involving Low Speed Turbulent Flow

Author : Sekhar Majumdar


Numerical simulation of low speed turbulent flow in complex configuration has been the major focus of research activities of the present author and his research group during the span of last three decades. The final objective has been to develop a robust and accurate algorithm and hence a computer code useful for design and analyses of industrial problems involving fluid flow and heat or mass transfer in complex configuration. The algorithm uses boundary-conforming, multiblock structured grid with the option of moving boundaries, collocated variable arrangement with momentum equations resolved along cartesian directions, second order accurate spatial and temporal discretisation schemes for the convective fluxes and a pressure-velocity solution strategy. Effect of turbulence is simulated using appropriate linear eddy viscosity-based turbulence models. The capabilities and limitations of the flow solution algorithm developed have been demonstrated in the paper for few important application problems of engineering interest.

Keywords : Complex Configuration, Unsteady Flow, Multiblock Structured Boundary-Conforming Grid, Moving Boundary, Pressure-Velocity solution strategy, Eddy viscosity based Turbulence Models