Rapid- Monolithic Disaster Proof (RMD) Technology for Mass Housing – a Case Study

Authors: G Srinivasa, Bharathi Ganesh, Sharada Bai H


Besides, food and clothing, shelter is a basic human need. India has been successful in meeting the food and clothing requirements of its vast population; however, the problem of providing shelter of all is defying solutions. With improved economy in India due to the growth in IT/BT industry, the retail and e-commerce business have attracted major chunk of unskilled and unemployed youth of the country.  This has resulted in least interest and inclination towards jobs in construction sector where one has to sweat very hard to earn his wages. Hence construction industry is facing a huge shortage of skilled/unskilled labour. Due to the Lack of skilled labours, on one side meeting quality requirements of construction suffers and on the other side there will be abnormal delays in completion of projects leading to cost overrun. Welfare schemes should look for alternative schemes or alternative construction technologies which are innovative, less labour intensive, mechanized, cost effective and are able to deliver good quality products. One of the solutions is RMD –  Rapid Monolithic Disaster-Proof Housing Technology.

Keywords:Rapid Monolithic Disaster, Construction technology, Aluminium Shuttering, Formwork