Synthesis of Some Novel Oxazines from Chalcones and their Biological Activity

Authors : Sadhana H. Upadhya, Dhanya Sunilb, Srilatha RaoC and Soumyashree A. S


A facile synthesis of some novel chalcones (la-lf) by the condensation of variously substituted aliphatic aldehydes and aromatic ketones has been described. Oxazine (2a-2f) derivatives were synthesized by conventional method from chalcones in presence of urea and conc.Hcl and refluxed for 10-12 hrs. The structures of newly synthesized compounds have been established on the basis of elemental analysis; 1H NMR, Mass and IR spectral data and even its Biological activities were studied by using Disc diffusion method.

Key words : Aromatic aldehyde; ketones ; chalcones; Oxazines; conventional method; Biological activity.