Solidification rate of Centrifugally cast Al-Si Eutectic Alloy

Authors: Madhusudhan, Sudheer Reddy, Kiran Aithal,


The centrifugal casting is one of the methods to produce Functionally Graded Material with gradual composition variation along the radial direction with segregation of particles. In the present investigation an attempt has been made to study the mechanical properties of centrifugal casting of Al-Si eutectic alloy produced at different rotational speeds of the mold. The correlation between the solidification rate and DAS has been established and used to determine the rate of solidifications of the centrifugal casting produced by varying process variable. The microstructure analysis, mechanical properties such as tensile strength, hardness and specific wear rate have been determined for the castings. It was concluded that the rotational speed of the mold is one of the process variables in producing centrifugal castings of desirable metallurgical and mechanical properties.

Keywords : Centrifugal casting, solidification rate, Dendritic Arm Spacing, Rotational Speed, Microstructure, Hardness