Effect of fouling on convective diffusive mass transfer through a Permeable Tube

Authors : Jagadeesha S, Indira Rama Rao, S Dinesh P. A.


A steady mass transfer in a fluid flowing through a rigid cylindrical tube with permeable wall has been considered. The objective of this study is to include the phenomena like concentration polarization and membrane fouling which are essential in designing reverse osmosis process.
The flow of Newtonian fluid through an ultrafiltering capillary is considered. The Navier-Stoke’s equation is coupled to species transport equation through boundary conditions on radial velocity. The equations are solved numerically by uncoupling the Navier-Stoke’s equation and species equation. The effect of fouling is incorporated in the permeating flux given by Starling’s hypothesis. The results are graphically depicted.

Keywords: Concentration polarization, Membrane fouling, Ultrafiltration, Reverse osmosis, Starlings hypothesis