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Welcome to JSEM, the Journal of Science, Engineering and Management, Anusandhana, hosted by Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, India.  JSEM is a peer-reviewed, open access, bi-annual, multi-disciplinary research journal, regularly publishing original research papers, and review papers in various disciplines of Science, Engineering and Management.

In this issue, we have papers from all the three dimensions in the scope of our journal – Engineering, Mathematics and Management.  There is a paper which focusses on the numerical solution of partial differential equations, which is useful for Finite Element Methods relevant to solve large classes of engineering problems.  This is followed by a paper which examines the ways to reduce dead weight in building constructions, and how it influences the strength of the construction.

We have two interesting papers related to face recognition, in this issue.  While one paper addresses the facial features themselves to improve performance, the other paper focuses on achieving face recognition with smaller training sets.  These are followed by a paper on 5G technologies, with special attention on health hazards – one is reminded of the recent agitations in EU against the deployment of 5G itself.

There is increasing interest in our country about FDI and associated patterns of inflows in various sectors, with policies changing in recent years.  These patterns are the main theme of a contribution in Management science.

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