Spectroscopic studies of Interstellar Diatomic molecules A10, A1H and A1C by RKRV method

Authors : G. Ranjithkumara, D. Baba Basha


Interstellar medium is nothing but star dust formed from the interstellar reddening. These diatomic molecules exists in the interstellar atmospheres form a band spectrum whose range is of 4-10A, In the present investigation Franck Condon factors for the band system of B2E+– X1E+ of Aluminium oxide, ClEi -X1E+g of Aluminium hydride and a4Tc- X1E+, 154 E- X1E+ of Aluminium carbide molecules have been calculated employing an approximate analytical methods of Jarmain and Fraser, and Nicholls and Jarmain.. The experimental potential energy curves for the different electronic states of interstellar molecules like A10, AlH, and A1C are constructed by using the Rydberg-Klein-Rees method as modified by Vanderslice et al. The results obtained from the Franck-Condon factors and potential energy curves are congruent with the experimental values.

Keywords : Interstellar medium, Franck-Condon factors, Potential energy curves