A Modified Collaborative Learning Method for Automatic Enhancement of Underwater and Medical Imagery

Authors : Jharna MajumdarSanthosh Kumar K. L.


Image enhancement is an important area in digital image processing. Basically, the idea behind enhancement techniques is to bring out detail that is obscured, or simply to highlight certain features of interest in an image. In this paper, we propose a modified version of collaborative learning method, first proposed by Yuchou Chang et al in 2008 [4]. We combine the random spatial sampling concept from existing collaborative learning method with block-based histogram equalization with sliding window concept. The experimental study is done using a set of underwater and medical images. It is seen that the method proposed in this paper gives better results compared to the conventional collaborative learning method. To demonstrate the effectiveness of our method, we have used a set of quality metric parameters, which measures the quality of enhancement.

Keywords : Image enhancement;Histogram Equalization;Collaborative Learning;Quality metric parameters